Warning :
- Do not enter
- No photography
- No mobile phones
- High voltage
- Hot surface do not touch

notice :
- Keep door closed at all times
- Do not trow trash in toilet
- Of race
- Food or drink allowed in this refrigerator
- Do not block door
Maaf kalo salah,,
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Warning :
1. This water may hazardous, swimming is not recommended!
2. Tornado sometimes happens in this area, being here is not recommended!
3. Corrosive subtance, please do not touch it!
4. This area is full of mine, please get out of here!
5. Electric experiment is in progress, please put your lab coat on!

1. Close the door after you get out!
2. This object is fragile, please carry it gently!
3. Emergency button, press it if necessary.
4. Make sure your equipment is complete before getting out from taxi!
5. No chellpone allowed!

Differences between Warning and Notice:
1. Warning = Kalimat perhatian untuk mengingatkan sesuatu yang berbahaya dan beresiko
2. Notice  = Kalimat perhatian untuk sekedar mengingatkan saja dan tidak beresiko tinggi

Semoga membantu :)