dear : Mrs widuri prasetya
we are very sorry about Mr. prasetya's passing on. he was the greatest and warmest man, ever
we always remember him as a humorous, but disciplined, and generous man, we will all miss him very much.
students of class 8 a
1) who's Mrs. widuri prasetya ?
2) what was Mr prasetya like ?
3) what do the writers think about Mr prasetya ?
* arrange the sentences *
1) Please me know soon because we will be going to the hospital in half an hour
2) So, i would like to invite those of you, who have AB blood type, to help vanya’s brother by donating your blood
3) Thank you
4) Unfortunately, his condition is quite serious and he needs blood transfusions
5) Attention, please
6) However, the stock of the blood group he needs is very limited in indonesia’s red cross 7) I’ve just received news that vanya’s brother has been hospitalized with dengue fever 8) I need three people



1. Mr. prasetya's wife
humorous, but disciplined, and generous
3. the writer thinks mr prasetya is humorous, but disciplined, and generous man


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1. She is Mr.Prasetya's wife 2. He is humorous, disciplined, and generous man 3. Mr.Prasetya was the greatest and warmest man. 5-7-4-6-2-8-1-3