rabbit is a kind of mammal. he has white fur mixed eg, brown, black. rabbit food is grass, carrots and so on.
Jawaban paling cerdas!
Wendy cagur is one of famous actor who like telling jokes and romantic sentences for woman on televisi. he is thin with proportional body. he is tall enough. he is handsome. he has a beard on his chin. he has short straight hair

rabbit is a cute animal which like eating carrot or cabbage. it can jumps. it has big 2 teeth in front of. it has thin fur with the variation colours. there are white, black and brown. it has a shor tail and two long ears.

watch is a thing which people like to wear on the wrist. watch has many variation with nice colours. watch is use to show the time. in the watch, it shows hour, minute and secon. watch is an useful thing

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