Bella: Look ! That's Meilin.She looks beautiful.
Lenny: Yes, I agree with you .
Bella :She is wearing a green T-Shirt.
Lenny : No. I disagree with you. It's not green. it's blue


lili: i think flush someone on her'him birthday is good
dian: really: why do you think so? i do't agree with you . i think's just give her/him a congrat's can make her/him better than flush him/her
lili: i think i don't agree with you. in my opinion flush someone with water,eggs,and wheat are will make her/him happy. that's our wont,righ? all of the people ofcourse know it
dian: but i think just pray and give him/her a gift can make her/him happier than you're opinion

Jawaban paling cerdas!
Fitri : "The French Fries look's good!" Nilam : "No, Burger is better! Look!" Fitri : "We need to buy it for our friends!" Nilam : "Should we have to buy some Burger?" Fitri : "No, I Disagree with you. I think we have to buy some French Fries" Semoga membantu :)
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