1.The story about the animals world is called...
2.The story of TWIN MASKS is from..
3.The story of sura and baya belongs to a..
4.Pegasus is an ....creature.
5.the legend of cindelaras is..
6.majapahit is the name of a/an...... thousand years ago..
susunlah kalimat berikut!!
7.The-legend-story-of-a-is-sura and baya
8.woman-was-prince PRINCE indagiri-beautiful-a
9.there-big-was-One day-a-dragon
10.is-Cindelaras-a-from-story-east java
11.there-place-was-Long time ago-a-great



1. Fable
2. East Java ( maybe... )
4. Mystical
5. Fairytale
6. Kingdom
7. The legend of a story sura and baya is
8. Beautiful woman indagiri was a prince
9. One day, there was a big dragon
10. Cindelaras is a story from east java
11. Long time ago, there was a great place 

Maaf jika ada kesalahan :)
thanks semua yak..!!
ya :) maaf no 3 saya tidak bisa jawab :)
iy gpp.. :)