One day, a cat had heard that all the hens in a chicken coop
One day, a cat had heard that all the hens in a chicken coop

had fallen ill. It was quite happy 1) ....... it thought that this was an opportunity.

Soon it dressed up as a doctor, with a bag full of instruments and medicines.

Then, while it was walking to the chicken coop, it was imagining good things

that would happen.

“ good day, hens,

how are you 2) ....... ? i’ve come to give you a check up. Please open the

door” however, the chickens all answered together “ thank you very much, but

we’ll feel a lot better if you would just go away”

The cat realized that its trick didn’t work out, so it left.

The hens felt 3).........

1) a) due

to b) because c) because of d) however
2) a)

feeling b) to feel c) feels d) felt

3) a) relieves b) relieving c) to relieve d) relieved

4) arrange the following sentences !

1) don’t be so ungrateful, “ rustled the

tree in reply “


gazing up into the branches one man said “ what a useless tree this is “


“i’m being extremely useful to you at this very moment shielding you from the

hot sun. You call me a good –for nothing!”

4) two men were walking along one summer

summer day. Soon it became too hot to continue

5) his companion answered “ well, it

doesn’t have fruit or nuts to eat and we cannot use its wood for anything”

6) later they saw a large plain tree

nearby and soon threw themselves on the ground to rest in its shade

7) the other asked “ why do you say that


May i have

your attention, please ? the field trip to the observatory has been canceled

due to the minister of education and culture’s visit this Saturday. The field

trip has been rescheduled for next Saturday, march ,8 2014. We will be

departing from school at 7:30 am, but you all have to arrive at school by 7: 15

am. Thx

5) what’s the

announcement about?

a) the field trip’s canceleation b) the time to do the field trip

c) the agenda for the coming field

trip d) the minister of education

& culture’s visit

6) what time

should the students at least arrive at school ?



1. B
4. 4-6-2-7-5-1-3
5. C
6. 7.15 AM
1.B 2.A 3.D 4.4-6-2-7-5-1-3 5.C 6.7.15 AM