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Title : Annette and Seven Pigeons

Once upon the time, there was a couple who had seven sons. They didn’t have a daughter. Their sons very wished a sister. One day, their mother was pregnant. They wished that they would get a sister. They determined if they wouldn’t get a sister, they would go for wandering. They said that If their mother delivered a daughter, put a feather pen but if their mother delivered a son, put a bottle of ink in the window. Finally, their mother delivered a beautiful daughter named Annette. She asked a midwife for putting a feather pen in the window. Unfortunately, the midwife was careless and she put a bottle of ink in the window. Seven sons saw it. They were disappointed and they decided to go for wandering. When Annette grew up, her mother told that Annette’s brothers never went to home since her mother delivered her. Annette decided to look for her brothers. And finally, she could find her brothers in the Giant’s hut. The giant disliked the women and he was very angry because there was a women in his hut. He chased Annette to kill her. But, he fell into the trench and he died. Seven brothers buried the Giant. Seven brothers told to Annette that she might not pick the leaf who grew on Giant’s Grave. One day, Annette forgot, She picked some of leaves to be given to the old woman, because the old woman very needed the leaves. After that, Annette discovered that her brothers had turned into the pigeons.  “Annette, why did you pick those leaves? We have told you that you may not pick those leaves.” Said one of her brothers. “I’m so sorry. I just wanted to help that women. So, what must I do now to help you?” Said Annette. “You must find The Queen Of Time. She knows how to turn us into a human again.” Said one of her brothers. Annette and her brothers went to find The Queen of Time. In their journey, they saw a shark. “Excuse me. Do you know where The Queen of Time was?” Asked Annette. Then the shark answered, ”You cross the river. Then you ask to first people that you’ll meet. If you have met with her, ask to her How I can’t collide coral. Then They crossed the river. After that, they saw a mouse, and the mouse told how to find The Queen of Time. Then the mouse said, ”If you have arrived there, ask to her how I can safe from cat.” Then they continued their journey. Then, they met a group of ants. The ants said that they had to go to flower valley and asked to Tree EK. And the ants asked to them for asking to The Queen of Time how the ants could life until one hundred years. Then, They followed ants’ instruction. Then, they found Tree EK. And then The Tree EK told them where The Queen of Time was and it said, “If you meet with The Queen of Time, ask to her how I can get my dignity back? The people often take my fruits.” Finally, Annette could find The Queen Of Time. And she aksed  what she wanted to asked to The Queen Of Time. The Queen of Time said, “The Tree Ek will be honorable if it gives its treasure. The mouse won’t be afraid with cat if cat’s tail is given bell. The ants will be life until one hundred years if they stop stealing. The Shark will safe if it swims follow the sea-mouse. The pigeons will turn into people if they can ascend to top of power.” Annette called the pigeons. ”Brothers, please ascend to on bull’s head. It’s horn is power symbol.” Seven pigeons turned into people. Then, Annette went to meet the shark, mouse, ants and Tree EK. Annette told to them about Queen of Time’s answers. And Tree EK gave its treasure to Annette. Finally, they went to their home and they lived happily ever after.   The End

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