Moho bantuannya..
Kata pengantar/cara untuk mempresentasikan tentang biodata idola dengan bahasa inggris..?

yang pertama pasti salam dulu. misal: "good morning every body. now, in this chance, let me tell you about my idol. he/she is blablablabla... "
terus, di akhir "Ok, I think that's all about my idol. Thanks for your attention and have a nice day.."


Misal idola : bruno mars
let me tell you about my favorite idol bruno mars :
he was born on ... he is ... years old.
In this moment, i will describe my favorite idol. She/ He is ...... . She/ he can make motivation in my lives . Because she/he i be diligent and do not trush my waste time. She / he has hobby ...... I like she/he,because she/ he has exceptional leadership qualities on their lifes.
"she/he" diganti ma idola yang kamu inginkan