Title of drama: Parents Sacrifice for Children
Drama players:1. Dita2. Veni3. Tika4. Huda5. Ardi
Dita:What's up friends?
Veni's friends:All right. How about you Dit?
Dita:Thank God, I'm healthy.
Veni:How are you father Dit? He's well, right?
Dita:Thank God, he's really healthy. Thank you for asking my parent condition.
Tika:Dit, Did your father was sick yesterday?
Dita:Yes, but now he's already healthy.
Tika:I am sorry, I did not get to see because I did not know. Gratitude when it's healthy.
Dita:Its okay Tik, thanks for care.
Huda:Dit, you better keep your father well. Do not let him get too much pain may recur work, he's old.
Dita:Sure Hud! After recovering yesterday I've banned my Father worked heavy.