Change the verb in brackkets into correct form!! the time i got to the office,the meeting(begin,already)without me
B.when i(turn)the radio on yesterday,i (hear)a song that as popular when i was in high school.i(hear,not)the song in years ,and i(bring)back some great memories.
C.i (visit) so many beautiful places since i (come) to lombok . Before moving here, i ( hear,never ) of sengingi, tanjung aan ,gili trawangan etch

Simple past tense



Jawaban paling cerdas!
A. began b. turned, heard, i didn't hear. c. bringed, visited, came, heard and never. #maaf kalo salah..
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A. already began
b. turned, heard, haven't heard? , brought
c. visited, came, never heard 

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