1. I complimented Joe when he finished the job, and he seemed pleased.
2. Sister Lucy tried her best to help Martin, but he was an undisciplined boy who drove many teachers to despair.


Simple = 
-Bill hates the neighbour’s cat.
-Dina teaches English in a course.
-Cut doesn't teach English in a course.
-Bunga went shopping yesterday.
-Melly don't go shopping yesterday.

Compound = 
-The book is new, yet there is a tear in one of the pages.
-Some of the campers went into the woods to find dry tree branches for cooking, and the others built the tents.
-Rini and Rere are chitchatting by the door, John is reading his book, Dodo is flattering Angelina on the class corner, but Didit is sleeping on his desk. 

Compleks =
-Although her mother prohibits her, she still went to the party last night.
-Because I didn’t go to school last week, I didn’t know (that) there would be an exam today.
-I was studying English when my friend came.

Beri yang terbaik ya kalau benar (y)
ok kawan
Simple sentences
-the trailer is surrounded by wooden deck.
compound sentences
-occasionally the car goes up the dirt trail, and dust flies everywhere.
complex sentences
- Many people believe  that anyone can earn a living. 
 ind. clause                           dep. clause