Once upon time, roro anteng and joko seger lived on the foot
of mount bromo. After six years of marriage, they had not had any children.
Their prayers was granted on one condition. They should sacrifice their
youngest son for the bromo crater.
After sometime, roro anteng gave birth to a child and it
happened every year until they had 25 children. They had happily and forgot
about the agreement. Mounth bromo then erupted signaling that the gods asked
the couple to fulfil their promise.however, they didn’t want their youngest
son, raden kusuma, to be sacrificed for the crater.
Raden kusuma learned about the agreement his parents had
made. Meanwhile, the lava from mount bromo’s crater had made the people living
near the mountain suffer. Since raden kusuma was a kind and noble man, he
didin’t want his family and other people to suffer because of him.so, he went
to moun bromo and sacrified himself. The eruption suddenly stopped.
After that day, the tengger people have made offerings to
the crater, as raden kusuma had sacrificed himself before.

1) why did roro anteng & joko seger have to sacrifice
their youngest son ?

a) the youngest
son was a noble man b) their son
could stop the eruption

c) they had
promised to do that

2) what’s the main idea of paragraph 3 ?

a) the mount
eruption stopped instantly b)
raden kusuma sacrificed hamself

c) mount
bromo’s crater was dangerous d)
raden kusuma made people angry

3) the story shows that roro anteng & joko seger

a) really loved
raden kusuma b) disliked their
youngest son

c) let their son
kill himself d) agreed to
what their son did

4) the moral value of story is

a) keeping our
promises in unnecessarry b) parents must not promise to do

c) all parents
love their childern
d) we have to fulfil our promises



1. c
2. b
3. a
4. d.

semoga bisa membantu yaj:) ucapkan terimakasihd an tandai sebagai yang terbaik
3 3 3
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