put the verb in the brackets into the correct form

1.His grandfather ..........(not/meet) me when he.......(be)

2.I.......(not/understand) what he said

3.I.......(not/have)to go to work yesterday becouse it.......(be) in jakarta

4.They.........(watch) the football match on tv this morning

dibaca dunk perintahnya..
verb apa 1/2/3
tak kasih contoh: i didn't go (not/go) to work yesterday because i wasn't (not/be) very well
1. i didn''t meet , was

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1. didn't meet,was 2.didn't undrstnd 3.didn't have, was 4. watching


1. His grandfather didn't meet me when he was.
2. I don't understand what he said.
3. They watched the football match on TV this morning.

Nomer 1 saya sendiri kurang yakin dengan "was". kalo ada yang lebih bagus, liat yang punya dia aja.

Semoga membantu.