Tolong buatin naskah role play bahasa inggris buat 6 orang tentang asking, giving, and refusing

a :can i borrow your pen? b: of couse its my pen a : thanks , can i borrow your book? c: i m sory i cant a : ok. d: may i help you a? a : yes, can i borrow your book? d : ok e: why you always borrow tools your friend? a: becos i dont have f: im sorry i cant borrow this book for you. a : im not ask you. :-D


Jawaban paling cerdas!
Seberapa panjang?
A: B, C, D! come here, I want to ask you something!
C: what is it?
A:Tomorrow is my birthday party, do you want to come?(asking)
B & D: of course! 
B: I'll tell the others!
A:What about you C?
C: I want to come to your birthday party, but I'm sorry I can't.(refusing)
C: Because, I have to go to Bandung tomorrow morning. 
A: ou okay, that's fine. you don't have to go to my party.
A: B, do you ask E & F too?
B: yes!
D:nice work B
E&F come
E:hi, happy birthday A
F: yeah, happy birthday. this is your present, take it!(giving)
A: Thank you E, thank you F
E&F: your welcome.
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