Cerita 'jack and the beans' pendek kok :)

A long a country lane stepped a bright young milkmaid,balancing a jug of fine fresh milk on her head.With a fair way still to go to reach the market she started tinking about her future prospects.
''If I sell this milk for a tidy price I can increase my stock of eggs to three hundred.Then,even allowing for those that spoil and those that are stolen by thieves,they should produce at least two hundred and fifty chickens.Then again,just when the price is highest,i will take the birds to market and sell them.i cannot fail to make enough money to buy a new grown.Iam so fair and pretty I will look as grand as any lady in the land'
 'what colour should it be?' she thought. 'Should I buy one in red or green?Yes,green,i think it suits me best.Green it will be!I will go to the fair where all the fine young men will seek me out for a partner,but I shall refuse them,everyone,and dance away with a shrug and a toss.'
Carried away by her daydream she couldn't help but toss her head in just such a way as she has imagined.Crash!The jug of milk toppled and smashed on to the road in front of her.She watched helplessly as the split milk trickled away in the dust,and with it went all of her happy thoughts and dreams.