Jawaban paling cerdas!
1: hello friend , how are you?
2: i'm good , you?
1:me too, do you know what is our homework about ? 
2: we have an english homework, about making conversation in phone
1: ok thanks for the info, you are my best friend
2: not at all, you're welcome
3 2 3
Roni : Hallo, mom !
Mom : Yes, Roni how are you there ?
Roni : I'm fine mom, how about you ?
Mom : i'm fine to, when can you visit me ? 
Roni : i dont know mom, but i will visit you quickly
Mom : Ok thaks, Bye honey
Roni : Yes mom i love you too

Dh mainstream nanyain PR mnding nanya kabar orang tua :D Tq