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  • Terpelajar
Once upon a time, there was a man that a good one. One day, the man was walking through the forest but suddenly he stopped because he found a caged tiger. And then the man approached to caged tiger
When he approached, the tiger said “oh man, I want to get out from this cage” and the man said “but..how about if you eat me after I release you?” and the tiger said again “no, I promise I won’t eat you” and the main said “okay, I will look for something to release you”. The man decided to help the tiger because the tiger looked sad. In a minute, the man got a stone then he broke the cage.
After the tiger got out, the tiger tried to eat the man. But the man avoid him and he said “hey tiger, what are you doing?” and the tiger said “I will eat you, I haven’t eaten anything today” The man said “but, you have promised about it!” and the tiger said “forget it!” The man said “okay, you may eat me but by condition of you are better than me” and the tiger said “of course, I do!” The man said “we don’t know, we must ask to forest occupant” and the tiger said “oh, it’s easy!” After that, they walked around forest to look for forest occupant.

The first step, they met an old tree. Then the man said “hey Mr. Tree who’s better me or the tiger?” and the Tree said “I think the tiger is better than you”
The second step, they met a camel. Then the tiger said “hey Camel who’s better me or the man?” and the Camel said “I think you is better than the man”
The third step, they met a fish. Then the man said “hey Mr. Fish who’s better me or the tiger?” and the Fish said “I think the tiger a better one”
“hey man, what do you want to give up?” said the tiger. The man said “no, one occupant again !” and then, on the last step they met a fox. The tiger said “hey Fox who’s better me or the man?” but the fox just silents. The man said “Mr. Fox?” and then the fox said “I don’t know what do the happening real?” then the tiger tell the happening real and ask “are you understand Fox?” and the fox said “I haven’t understand, can you demonstrate it ?” the tiger said “well”
Then the man, the tiger, and the fox back to the place when the tiger was caged. The tiger got in the cage without pillar and demonstrate it with the man. And then the tiger ask to fox “have you been understand?” and the fox said “I haven’t while shake his head”
And then, the tiger asked the man to closed the cage with pillar and demonstrate it again. But before the man broke the pillar, the fox said “stop, I have understand while nodded his head”
Finally, the tiger realized that he was foolish by fox. The tiger scream angrily “aaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!” and the man said very thank you to the fox.