The following dialog s for questions 1 and 2
fachri : harun told me that you'II move to pekanbaru. your father has a project there. thus, your family will be staying in pekanbaru.
ulfa : me ? I'm afraid harun is wrong. my father doesn't have any projects out of town and my family is happy to live here.
fachri ? oh, I'm sorry. I've got the wrong information.

1. what are the speakers talking about ?
a. ulfa's father's job.
b. a plan to visit pekanbaru
c. information about a school project
d. information about ulfa's move to pekan baru

2,Ulfa says, "I'm afraid harun s wrong."
what does she express?
a. she denies information
b. she refuses something
c. she offers something
d. she gives an opinion