Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. don't play with fire
2. don't disturb your sister
3. don't go outside
4. don't be naughty
5. don't make the house dirty
6. don't play here
7. don't play with that knife
8. don't touch that termite
9. don't make me angry with u
10. don't be lazy to do your homework
9 4 9
Semoga membantu!:) Klik tombol terima kasih dan jadikan jawaban terbaik yaa!:)
tks :D
Don't close the door!
don't sit on the table!
don't break your toys!
don't play with the stove!
don't sleep late at night!
don't come to bathroom by yourself!
don't watch TV until midnight!
don't play ball in the room!
don't leave your toys everywhere!
don't make a mess in your bedroom!