Misalkan percakapan antara 2 orang A dan B
narator : one day a man is walking at the park, he searches a rubbish bin around the park, but he couldn't find one. desperately with a trash in his hand
A: why there is no a rubbish bin in here? i guess i'll just throw it away..
B: hey what are you trying to do!?
A: umm, nothing
B: don't lie to me, i know you're trying to litter the trash on the park
A: err, don't tell anyone please, i already searched anywhere in here but still can't find a rubbish bin.
B: well, at least don't harm this park, it's strictly guarded by the government, and also, don't you see the sign over there? you could be punished if you do that.
A: i'm sorry.. i won't do it again
B: it's okay! by the way, shall we find an appropriate place to litter your trash?
A: okay, thank you
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