Folklore Central Java : The occurrence of Magelang

Display kingdom of yore with its king named Sultan Hadiwijaya.Sedang Duchy led Jipang if the character Arya Penangsang.Kedua berselisih.Arya each Penangsang known as the proud , for its potency .
Dispute the two men resulted in a war so many victims of these two areas .
When the battle was going on , Hadiwijaya give credence to Danang Sutawijaya as commander perang.Danang Sutawijaya was the adopted son of Sultan Hadiwijaya.Danang as Senopati war accompanied by Ki Gede archery .
With high spirits and Kyai Pleret supplies spear gun , they both went to carry out the orders of the Sultan Hadiwijaya battlefield . They and their entourage in order to survive in the battlefield , not recommended by the river or across the river . Because of their weakness present in water or a river , which may lead to defeat .
When wars happen , Arya Penangsang killed with a spear by Danang Sutawijaya Kyai Pleret . With the death of his son Aryan Penangsang be victorious party prop kabut.Maka Sutawijaya Danang .
Sutawijaya accompanied by Ki Gede archery and all his army back to the Display with a victory .
Gembiralah heart Sultan Hadiwijaya heard reports of Sutawijaya victory .
In exchange , the success Sutawijaya , the Sultan presented Mentoak forest land in the area to them both .
Since then Sutawijaya and Ki Gede archery began to change Mentoak forest and built it into an empire stood kerajaan.Maka Mataram.Dengan Danang Sutawijaya king who holds Panembahan Senopati .
Mataran kingdom under the rule Panembahan Senopati became a great empire that has far-reaching impact .
Then came the Senopati Panembahan intention to expand the empire .
To achieve these objectives , Panembahan Senopati ask opinions to Ki Gede archery . Advice given Ki Gede archery is strengthening his army so that it can be driven to conquer other parts of the region .
The first step to be taken is to open areas in open forest areas Kedu.Konon Kedu Forest is still a thicket that still angker.Karena the place never visited by humans .
According setemppat public confidence , it is Kedu forest kingdom with its king named Jin Jin Throughout .
To deal with all possibilities , then the appointment of Prince Purbaya as Senopati war .
Appointed day has come to open up the forest Kedu.Pangeran Purbaya entourage carrying Mataram royal heritage , for clearing Kedu .
Kedu forest when it opened, and in walked Mataram army to tear apart the jungle king in anger Sepanjang.Raja Jin Jin Throughout ordered his army to storm the army of Prince Purbaya leadership .
Then there was a great battle between the forces of Mataram kingdom against kingdom Jin.Akhirnya army troops hit mundur.Raja Jin Jin Throughout fled and escaped from the siege of Mataram troops .
Kedu forest villages which already can be controlled if Mataram forces , as the beautiful village scenery , lush tanhnya , and the peaceful inhabitants .
In the village there lived a farmer and his wife named Kyai Sacred Bogem.Sedangkan named Nyai Rara Rambat.Rara Creep named her as a girl who rupawan.Mereka threes peaceful life in the village .
One day Rara Creep and guardians seeking a variety of flowers and foliage along the forest road , to be used as drug - obatan.Karena fun , they realize ttak Bajwa in front of him stood a young man tampan.Rara Creep and guardians surprised , that in the future there is a young man . Jejaka the companion of Prince Purbaya.Ia left behind by armies when invading armies Mataram genie .
Dialogue ensued between the two teenagers . The youth asked : "Who are you alone in the woods ? " Creep Rara replied : " I was Rara Creep , my house is in the woods . " The youth said : " I was Raden Kuing , Mataram army troops . " Since the conversation , Raden Rara Yellow captivated by the beauty Rambat.Kemudian hearts content expressed Raden Yellow to Yellow Raden Rara Rambat.Mendengar speech , embarrassed Rara Creep .
Run Rara Creep towards the rumahnya.Peristiwa told the parents that the Sacred Kyai and Nyai Bogem.Kedua excited to hear her parents told her events .
See Rara run Creep leave , Raden Raden Yellow Yellow belakang.Sampailah follows from home parents Rara Creep .
Time to meet the parents Rara Creep , they were introduced much later diri.Tak , Raden Yellow declare his intention to propose Rara Rara Creep old Rambar.Orang happy to hear Raden Yellow intent to woo her . They are very excited to have a son- a prince of the kingdom of Mataram .

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