Adi eating cake crazily , john draw the wall seriously , abu write the book neatly, william dance marvelously , brom run quickly , john kick the ball hardly , aew drink the water slowly , john climb the tree bravely, john throws the ball slowly , amir play the ball playfully
Jawaban paling cerdas!
My mother goes to her office in the morning
my friend leave her wallet at the international hospital
dian always eats her breakfast at 6 o'clock
pia doesn't want to leave her little sister at her aunt's house
they like to go to the nearest park
she wants to go to school at 5. 30 today
i like to buy new shirt at that new shop
tommy see her mother at that department store
wina likes to hang out with her friends at 17.30
mother asks me to go out from my bedroom
bukannnya adverb harus ada ly lynya belakangnya cth. seriously
bantu ak dong 10 kalimat adj kk alan ^^ ak share kok pertanyaannya