- she walks beautifully
- he plays badly at that game
- they run slowly
- the woman slept soundly 
- he speaks softly to everyone
- rina reads the bokk quckly
- he learns diligently
- luna answer the question angrily
- the teacher teach them patiently
- bobi eats the food greedily
-lately he visible different
-today i go to school early
-finally she out for house
-he lost mysteriously
-carefully i go to school
-he will back tomorrow
-yesterday i go holiday
-my brother today still sick
-i never lie to my parents

adj nya mana kak?
-this bag is not mine
-this is my book
-the student who always goes to school by bus is my friend
-she is as good as you in math
-today should be better then yesterday
-the lady is beautiful
-he was the best of all