Mito S500 merupakan ponsel yang tidak biasa karena ponsel ini memiliki desain yang mirip sebuah jam tangan yang di dalamnya terdapat fitur dual sim yang di jual dengan harga yang terjangkau di pasaran dan anda pun dapat dengan mudah menemukannya di beberapa toko online di tanah air. 

Mito S500 is an exceptional phone because this phone has a design similar to watch in  who has a dual sim which is sale with an affordable price in the market and you also can easily find it on some online stores in the country. Why I say that?
Mito S500 is a trendy mobile phone has a design like digital watches . This phone has a rope made of elastic gum with 13 pieces holes for linking it. Cover of Mito S500 mostly made from elastic plastic like G-Shock that comfortable or not induce irritation andsultry to the skin.
This phone can use for calling and Sending Message like a common mobile phone. This phone supports with a touch screen are operated using a stylus pen and it decorated with three touch buttons that function to the back and volume fluctuations. Besides the touch screen, supports many applications like MP3/MP4 player, FM Radio, and other advanced applications.
Memory can be upgrade up to 4 Gb. Equipped with Bluetooth earphones are also provided free of charge, which can be used to listen to the songs and calls.
Interested to have this cool phone? maybe you captivated when looking at Afghan who starred in ads promoting Mito S500 Music Awards 2012.
Mito S 500 Watch Phone perform flirts with a trendy and sporty design that is suitable for young people. This phone is perfect for those of you who are always active in the mobile activities without the hassle of carrying a cell phone in your pocket and want to be different in appearance. The price is also not too expensive, which is around Rp 100-200