The speech which I am about to deliver will not be for the purpose of checking your start homeward, for, so far as I am concerned, you may depart wherever you wish; but for the purpose of making you understand when you take yourselves off, what kind of men you have been to us who have conferred such benefits upon you. In the first place, as is reasonable, I shall begin my speech from my father Philip. For he found you vagabonds and destitute of means, most of you clad in hides, feeding a few sheep up the mountain sides, for the protection of which you had to fight with small success against Illyrians, Triballians, and the border Thracians. Instead of the hides he gave you cloaks to wear, and from the mountains he led you down into the plains, and made you capable of fighting the neighbouring barbarians, so that you were no longer compelled to preserve yourselves by trusting rather to the inaccessible strongholds than to your own valour. He made you colonists of cities, which he adorned with useful laws and customs; and from being slaves and subjects, he made you rulers over those very barbarians by whom you yourselves, as well as your property, were previously liable to be carried off or ravaged. He also added the greater part of Thrace to Macedonia, and by seizing the most conveniently situated places on the sea-coast, he spread abundance over the land from commerce, and made the working of the mines a secure employment. He made you rulers over the Thessalians, of whom you had formerly been in mortal fear; and by humbling the nation of the Phocians, he rendered the avenue into Greece broad and easy for you, instead of being narrow and difficult. The Athenians and Thebans, who were always lying in wait to attack Macedonia, he humbled to such a degree, I also then rendering him my personal aid in the campaign, that instead of paying tribute to the former and being vassals to the latter, those states in their turn procure security to themselves by our assistance. He penetrated into the Peloponnese, and after regulating its affairs, was publicly declared commander-in-chief of all the rest of Greece in the expedition against the Persian, adding this glory not more to himself than tothe commonwealth of the Macedonians. These were the advantages which accrued to you from my father Philip; great indeed if looked at by themselves, but small if compared with those you have obtained from me. For though I inherited from my father only a few gold and silver goblets, and there were not even sixty talents in the treasury, and though I found myself charged with a debt of 500 talents owing by Philip, and I was obliged myself to borrow 800 talents in addition to these, I started from the country which could not decently support you, and forthwith laid open to you the passage of the Hellespont, though at that time the Persians held the sovereignty of the sea. Having overpowered the satraps of Darius with my cavalry, I added to your empire the whole of Ionia, the whole of Aeolis, both Phrygias and Lydia, and I took Miletus by siege. All the other places I gained by voluntary surrender, and I granted you the privilege of appropriating the wealth found in them. The riches of Egypt and Cyrene, which I acquired without fighting a battle, have come to you. Coele-Syria, Palestine, and Mesopotamia are your property. Babylon, Bactra, and Susa are yours. The wealth of the Lydians, the treasures of the Persians, and the riches of the Indians are yours; and so is the External Sea. You are viceroys, you are generals, you are captains. What then have I reserved to myself after all these labours, except this purple robe and this diadem? I have appropriated nothing myself, nor can any one point out my treasures, except these possessions of yours or the things which I am guarding on your behalf. Individually, however, I have no motive to guard them, since I feed on the same fare as you do, and I take only the same amount of sleep. Nay, I do not think that my fare is as good as that of those among you who live luxuriously; and I know that I ofte n sit up at night to watch for you, that you may be able to sleep. 
Contoh pidato bahasa inggris :
Good afternoon,
First of all, I would like to express gratitude to God because I am able to be present with a full of health on the commemoration of environment day. I would also like to thank to the audience who have given me the opportunity to speak on this pulpit.
The environment is the thing that is very important for mankind and should be taken care well. Our country is very rich. Since the ancient times, Indonesian forest has become the world’s lungs and is the foundation of the existing ecological balance in the world. When developed countries produce the fumes because of their industry, our country clean the pollution up with the green forests that exist in many areas.
However, now we have to take action to save our forests. Lungs of the world that we have are being lost because of illegal logging and fires. If those deforestations are still continuing, it will not be impossible if we lose ours and the global warming continues to increase.
When forests are being weakened, I believe that we can no longer feel the fresh air and the cool breeze during a day. Our country will turn into a hot country and so painful. Weather changes which are present in this country cannot be predicted and the dry season comes longer than before. Are we willing to Indonesia when its forest loss and become like that? Of course not.
Through this speech, I want to assure you that we are able to preserve the forests and natural wealth to our children in the future. We are able to make Indonesia always be the lungs of the world which are highly admired by any nation. Indonesia’s forests is a very valuable asset.
To protect the environment, we can start from the smallest things such as planting trees around the house. When every person in Indonesia plants a tree in the backyard, this country will have a very good environment in the next five years. The fresh air and the rivers’ flowing can certainly be easy to see and Indonesia will never lose its best environment.
Train yourself and teach your children to love the environment. Do not let them to be more attracted to the video games in the air conditioned room rather than planting the trees in the garden. Make them love the nature by getting them to do camping, gardening, and do outbound as often as possible. When they know their nature, then they would love nature as they love themselves.
I do not want people to lose their consciousness to preserve Indonesia. Let us keep and preserve our forests from now.
Thank you for your attention and good afternoon.