Well  Done Futy
It was great pleasure that I heard you won at the Youth Student Writing Olympiade 2013. I am sure that your achievement will be spoken of for some time that your achievements will be spoken of for some time and the admiration for your accomplishments is felt by all of us. Please accept my warmest congratulations on winning the gold medal and my very best wishes for your success. Your parents must be proud of you.

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John: Hey, I won the Science Olympiade mate!
Jean: Wow, Are you not lying to me??
John: Check this mate, this is the certificate. This is the proof.
Jean: Cool, I can't believe it. You are so awesome mate!
John: Oh yeah.. Thank you Jean :)
Jean: Yea mate, my pleasure, I think you will be spoken for some time.
John: Yea Jean.. Ok I have to go, see ya!
Jean: Ok mate, have a nice day!