Tlg aku donk aku nggk tau.
ini soalnya:
1.write a written message.
about"tell to your brother/sister. that his/her friend comes and she/he borrows his/her travel bag this morning.
2.write a spoken message
about" ask to your friend to go to english course together this evening.

tlg ya please !



A: sister...
B: yes.... what's up?
A: i have something to tell you
B: oh, yeah...what is it?
A: your friends, Rita came to house this morning
B: really? what happen?
A: nothing. she came to borrow your travel bag
B: oh, i see
A: don't be angry at me
B: why i must be angry at you?
A: because i forget to tell you
B: it's fine... she has sent me a message.
A: fiuh..... i think you'll be angry at me
B: i won't..... keep calm...

A: hey, will you come to the course today?
B: yes, of course... why?
A: i'd like to go to the course with you... is it okay with you?
B: really? i'd love too...of course....
A: so, let me pick up you at 3 o'clock yeah...
B: okay.... see you at 3 p.m
A: see you too..

semoga membantu :)
1.There is your friend come to home.She said that she would borrow your travel bag.
2."What time will you go to the extra lesson this evening?How about we set off together?"