One day in a school theres 2 students who talking about a plan where they want holiday together . a : how if we go to puncak thats a nice place to spare our time b : you know if its a long holiday there so traffic to get there . a : yes you were right . so where we can go ? b : how if bandung i think its better we can stay in my aunty villa a : thats nice . ok i think its enough so we deal to go to puncak right , and by the way i want to take a course so , see you tomorrow . bye
People A : hi,nice to see you people B. : same with me ! people. A : how about we go to mall after school ? people. B : nice idea ! people. A : ready to go ?? people. B : yes,of course people A. : hey look there a cute bag people B : wah ,i see people A : how about we buy the same bag ? people B : is that expensive ,my parents didn't let me to buy expensive thing . people A : let us ask the price ! people B : is just not too expensive people A and B : yes , we buy it !!!!!! and then the both girl buy the cute bag with a special price . THE END
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