Jawaban paling cerdas!
my classroom
my classroom is big and comfortable. in my classroom, there are 2 whiteboards with many boardmarkers. there are some windows, one door, 32 tables and 32 chairs, there are many heroes pictures on the wall. my classroom has many rubbish bin too. i love my classroom very much

my pet
i have a pet. it's a cat. her name is kitty. kitty is 2 years old. she has soft and thick fur that cover it's body. she has four legs. she has long tail too. her fur is white. she likes to eat fish and other healthy foods for cat. kitty is a lovely cat

Kim Bum
i have an idol. his full name is Kim sam bum. but, people usually call him Kim Bum. he was born on july, 7th 1989. his height is 181 cm and his weight is 63 kg. his zodiac sign is Cancer. he is an actor from korea. he becomes popular since playing in Boys Before Flowers film.

i have a book which is my favourite book. it is not too thick and not too thin. the cover of the book is colorful with interesting pictures. tha story in that book is very....very awesome. the story can make me laugh or cry. that is my favourite book which i like very much.

My father's office
my father works at a big building with height around 4 metres. that building has many windows and has one big doors. from my house, i can see that building. at night, that building turn on the lamps around that building. it makes me not afraid of dark. those lamps from that building make everything around me looks beautiful.

semoga membantu :)