Aku taunya adjective yaitu kata sifat
contohnya : beautiful, handsome, tall, thin, etc
trim's :)
Adjective clause kk :))
Here are several examples of sentences with the adjective clauses underlined:
- The "peoplewhose" names are on the "listwill" go to camp.
- Grandpa remembers the old "dayswhen" there was no television.
- "Fruitthat" is grown "organicallyis" expensive.
- Eco-friendly ''carsthat'' run on ''electricitysave'' gas.
- I know ''someonewhose'' father served in World War II.
Adjective adalah  kata sifat
misal : bad, crazy, silly, smart, diligent, etc
clause adalah klompok kata yg mengandung subyek dan prediket
misal : i want some cheese
relative adalah  terkait/ terhubung / tersambung dll
*moga membantu + tandai terbaek
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