Jawaban paling cerdas!
Rini : "Good afternoon everybody"
Nisa,Biela,Shinta : "Hello Rini.Good afternoon"
Rini : "Long time no see.I miss you so much"
Nisa : "Yes,I miss you too.By the way,Now Biela is taller,isn't she?"
Shinta : "Yes,She is taller than in the past.How about Rini,Nisa?Do you think that Rini is more beautiful than in the past?She is beautiful,isn't she?"
Biela : " Not need to be asked.She's beautiful from the first"
Nisa : "Yes,you're right"
Rini : "What did you say?I think that all because long time we don't meet"
Shinta : "Yes,Ithink it too"
makasih sudah dijadikan yang terbaik :)
Tiara: kelly,can you help me to do my math homework ? kelly : yes,i will. tiara : you are so great in math kelly ! lily. : tiara is right !!. tania : of course she is !! kelly : thanks guys !! but lily is beautiful !! tania : oh yes she is !! tiara : lily,you have a beautiful face and heart of course. lily. : is that true ,thanks all !!! tania : tiara is great in draw!! lily. : i just remember kelly : oh oh i'm not forget tiara : that great thanks my friends!!!! kelly : tania is good at swim lily : last week she learn me how to swim tiara. : you are a great swimmer tania. : thanks friend we have a good and bad in our self just prove it untill you get perfect