belajarnya ditemenin sam apacar biar semangat..
by finding the motivations that can make our spirit and do not forget to ask for the best way to god.
dengan cara mencari motivasi-motivasi yang dapat membuat kita semangat dan jangan lupa meminta jalan terbaik kepada tuhan.
It depends on who you are. But mostly people want to increase their spirit on study if they feel happy or motivated. Firstly, you have to decide your target. Second, you have to love all subjects such as Math, Science, English, etc. Third, you have to have enough energy but if you don't, you can't do it well. Fourth, it can be by learning from people on your surrounding or actresses who are success and you will be feeling motivated because you want to be like them. Hope it can help u:)


Tergantung pola belajar kamu aja, misal audio visual kamu bisa belajar sambil dengerin musik yang bisa memotivasi belajar kamu. visual berarti kamu belajar harus dengan suasan tenang misal mbaca buku materi harus dengan suasana tenang, terus audio berarti harus ada yang memandu kamu belajar misal ibu kamu membacakan materi dan kamu pasti akan memahaminya. Semoga membantu :) Jadikan jawaban yang terbaik yah.. ^_^
Sorry basa inggris yaa Inih depending on the pattern you wrote learning, eg audio-visual learning while you can listen to music that can motivate you to learn. visual means you have to learn to calm the atmosphere in reed books such material must by relaxing, keeps audio means there should be such that guides you learned your mother read the material and you certainly will understand. Semoga membantu :)
You must have a race to someone so you better, you can learn while listen to music or play pencil if you like, you have to have a target for the better, do not ever give up if you failsemoga membantu,klik jawaban terbaik yaa