This is story of Cinderella. Once upon a time there live beautiful young girl. Called Cinderella. Her mother is dead, but her father Lord Basil, has second wife now. Her name is Sybil She is a horrible woman. She has a daughter her name is Alice. She is horrible too and very ugly They live in same house. Some day Cinderella’s father went work to another country and leave her alone with her step family. Her step family pretended Cinderella like a servant.   #Scene 1 : in the Cinderella’s house Alice                : Cinderella…, Cinderella…, Cinderella…! Cinderella        : Wait, I’m coming. Why do you call me? Alice                : look at that. The floor is dirty. Clean it quickly. Cinderella        :okay i will take a broom in terrace Alice                : no ... no.. you must  ironing my dress  first. Cinderella        : i will ironing your dress after cleaning the floor Alice                : you didn't hear me. you must ironing my dress first . i have rule that you must obey. If you didn't duty you know what will happened to you ! Step mother     : What’s happen in here? Alice                : No, mom. Nothing.  Look at that, that’s rat, rat… Step mother     : Kill it now! Cinderella        : Don’t touch it. Let it go away Step mother     : Cinderella, are you sure…. Cinderella        : I’m sure mom. If we let it go, it won’t come back to here. Step mother :What do you talking about? I wouldn’t say it. I would say ‘are you sure want to get new punish? Cinderella        : a…, a…, a… Step mother     : Okay, let it go away. Then clean the floor and cook some food quickly. And you   can’t dinner tonight Cinderella        : okay, mom. It usually happen everyday. Cinderella got big punishes everyday

(On school breaks)
Nur      : That was not difficult math test? I think hard.
Salma  : Yes. Deuteronomy math difficult. What do you think Han?
Han     : Yes. Quite difficult.

Dhea    : But friends, as long as we learn definitely easy. You agree? But,I was too confused to do it.
Nur      : But fortunately I was sitting in the back. So, can cheat.
Han     : You're cheating?
Nur      : Yes, I am.
Salma  : Me too. I've been cheating the formula in the book that I hide in the drawer.
Dhea    : Wah wah wah. Not good!.
  (Agung and Kholid come and intends to join in the conversation)
Agung : Can we join the discussion?
Kholid : Yeah, can not?
Dhea    : Yes allowed.
Agung : You are what discussion?
Han     : It's, time math test last Nur and Salma cheating.
Kholid : Cheat? I and the Agung was also cheating.
Han     : What? So who did not cheat just me and Dhea?
Dhea    : My goodness. No! Friend's cheating that included corruption!
Nur      : How come?
Agung : Weird!!
Kholid : Funny!!
Dhea    : Oh My God... So long as you do not know this? Hanifah, please explain!
Han     : Huhh. So whose name was not just corrupt officials who take the rights of the people. There are little things that we often do and maybe it’s corruption.
Dhea    : Like cheating, skipping school, buy food at the canteen does not pay, or dishonest acts of others.
Agung : So far I often corrupt ...!
Salma  : Me too!
Nur      : Me too!
Kholid : Me too!
Agung : Ouch. We feel guilty ..!
Han     : Yes. So let us accustom ourselves early on not to commit corruption.
Dhea    : Yeah. So if we have been accustomed from an early age is not corruption, our country will progress!
Kholid : O.K! From now on we will be honest in all things.
Agung : Agreed! Fight Corruption!
All/semua        : Agree !!!!!!!!!!!
  (The bell already rang)
Dhea: Well the bell has sounded friends! Let's go to class ..!