Plis ada yg bisa ga? pakenya Because/Because of

1. We stopped playing tennis ....... the rain

2. It was all ........ her that we got into trouble

3. We had to hurry indoors ...... it was raining

4. I am late ....... the traffic

5. We didn't arrive until seven o'clock ........ the traffic was terrible

6. She found the exam easy ........ she had worked hard during the course

7. He can't drive ........ his illness

8. The restaurant closed down ........ the recession

9. He found working in Japan very difficult ......... the language problem

10. He's very difficult to understand ......... his accent.

11. I'm asking you ____  I want to know your opinion.
12. I was late this morning  _____ the traffic.
13. She can't drive ___  her blindness.
14. The bank closed down ___  the recession.
15. I came back  ____ I'd forgotten my briefcase.
16. We stopped _____ playing football the rain.
17. Tom is very difficult to understand ___  his weird accent.
18. Paul moved to Paris  ____ his job.
19. John crashed his Truck  ____ he was driving too fast.
20. I cannot come ____  the weather.

1. Because of
Komentar sudah dihapus


1. Because
2. Because of
3. Because
4. Because
5. Because
6. Because
7. Because of
8. Because
9. Because
10. Because of
makasih ya
11. Because
Sip.. maaf ya cuma sampe 11 :D
2.because of
4.because of
5.because of
7.because of
8.because of
10.because of
12.because of
13.because of
14.because of
15.because of
17.because of
19.because of