Penyewa : Hello, this is room 214. I'd like to order dinner.
Pelayan : 
What would you like?
Penyewa : I would like to order fried rice and meatball soup.
Pelayan : Okay, may I suggest you 
chicken steak with mushroom sauce?
Penyewa : Yes, sure. 
Pelayan : Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?
Penyewa : I'd like a cup of green tea. How long will it take?
Pelayan : Just a few minutes, ma´am.
Penyewa : Okay, thanks.
Pelayan : Let me repeat your order, fried rice, meatball soup, chicken steak with mushroom sauce and a cup of green tea. 
Room service will be charged to your amenities account. Is that okay?
Penyewa : Yes, that's fine.
Pelayan : Our staff will bring you your order in as short a time as possible. I hope you enjoy it.
A: hello, I'am from room ___ B: yes maam/sir, what can I do for you? A: I'd like to order for breakfast. B: what would you like ma'am/sir? A: I would like a loaf of bread and a bowl of cream soup. B: anything else? A: I would like a cup of barley tea too. B: okay ma'am/sir, we will deliver your order as fast as possible. have a great day ma'am/sir.
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