Nina : Hai nani, long time no see, how are you?
nani : Hai nina i'm fine thank you. and you?
nina : i'm fine too. where are you living now?
nani : i'm living in Surabaya. how about your school now?
nina : i'm so confident with my new school now, my school is so clean, and has a fresh air because there have a big garden with so much flower and trees in front of class. it can absorb the polution from outside of school. how about your school?
nani : my school is not much different from your school but my school don't have a big garden like your school, garden in my school is not too big but has a fountain on the center of it and trees around it. so you can inhale a fresh air sometimes.
nina : so interesting. i wanted to know more about your school but i must go now
nani : why are you leaving so soon?
nina : i must go back to jakarta now, see you next time. bye bye
nani : ok bye

maaf ya kalo ada yang salah :)