I'm populer as the naughty person in my class. everyone don't want to be my friends, but i still have many friends. people don't want to be my friends because of my bad attitude. i like to do some bad things to my friends in my class. my parents and my teacher always give me some useful advices, but i don't want to listen their advices. until one day, i come to school like usual at 6:30 am. everything looks normal and there's nothing weird. i enter my class, put my bag on my table and i sit on my chair. few minutes later, the bell rings. all students enter their own classroom. after praying together, there's someone enter the class. that's my math teacher. today, she will return our exam paper to us. she calls us one by one to in front of the class to take the paper. then, she calls my name. i stand up arrogantly, but there is sound "breet" everyone look at me. i see my short, my short is torn. everyone laugh at me.... i'm so shy and i sit down again quickly without taking my paper from my teacher.
since that day, i promise i'll not do something bad again to other people.

semoga membantu :)