Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb
With all due respect to the honorable Mr. Principal, to the honorable homeroom teachers and other teachers as well as to my dearest friends.
First of all, let’s say our praise and gratitude to the Allah Swt the One and Almighty because of His grace and blessing upon us so that on this good occasion today we can still gather and meet up altogether at this blissful place in the best of our health.Shalawat and salam may always be upon our adoration and shining model, Prophet Muhammad Saw, upon all of his companions, friends, families, and not forget all of us as his followers, who will insya Allah always be obedient to his teachings.To all the honorable audience,
Allow me on the behalf of all of my friends to convey a few words and messages regarding this farewell ceremony.
Time flies, it has been 3 years going since our first time to be in this school. Tough, happy, we have experienced and gone through together. And today is the top-end of our days. We will be taking a leave each other and there will be no more togetherness and cohesiveness we will find in the future.
Every single of beautiful story we had here will only be a piece of memories in the future. One day later we will definitely be missing beautiful times like this.
Not forget, we are really thankful to all of the teachers of this school for teaching us the meaning of struggle that finally have brought us to this gateway that leads us to the real life. Without them, we would be nothing. There a lot of things they have taught us, even though sometimes we felt tired, fed up, bored, yet with all of their hearts and patience they stayed teaching and guiding us. To my friends, I wish that this farewell and leaving could somehow tighten our solidarity and I hope this leaving will not be the end of everything.Go all-out for your goals, My Friends! So that you can get a better living in the future. I wish everything we had in here all this time could be some knowledge that Insya Allah would become all useful and all-to-the good for the sake of people, nation, and religion, and the most important is for our own selves. Aamiin.I think that’s all I could convey to everyone here. Please, forgive me for the more and less and all of mistakes on my words because mistakes come from human while superiorities come from Allah Swt. Thank you for the attention.Wabilahitaufik walhidayah wassalamu’alaikum wr.wb
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Good day to all.

Principal Mr. I respect, Mr. and Mrs. I respect Teachers, Parents Class ... which I respect, my friends that I love.

First of all, let us praise and gratitude prayed to Allah's presence. because of the grace and guidance we are given his health to come together on this day. Today, we gather today in the context of separation once graduation day celebration Class ... students.

Teachers-Teachers and Friends, I really do not feel time pass so quickly. We have six years of learning and studying at this school. So many lessons and knowledge that we got. All this is very useful for us.

Now, graduation day finally arrived. After six years we have learned much from Mr. and Mrs. Teacher, I'm as representative of my friends Class ... to thank our teachers dear. All the lessons and advice that we get we will always remember.

We also convey an apology for all the mistakes and the mischief we have ever done for us went to school here. We recall all the students who had Dad and Mom taught.

Do not forget our gratitude also goes to our beloved parents who were present on this occasion. Parents who are always giving love and encouragement to us until we are able to graduate and celebrate on this day.

To my friends, all the events we experience in this school, happy, sad, and glad will always remind us of this beloved school. After graduation, we should always be encouraged to remain diligent in learning to achieve your goals.

Finally, I as a representative of my friends Class ... wanted to say goodbye to our beloved school. We will always remember this school. Many of us Thank you.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.