Santo : How was your holiday, susan ?
susan : it was awesome. i felt so happy during the holiday
santo : by the way, where did you go?
susan : i went to lombok
santo : wow ! it was a great place to spend the holiday
susan : absolutely ! we enjoyed ourselves so much that we felt it too short. the beaches are lovely, the people were so friendly and helpful.
santo : how about the weather.
susan : it was lovely. it was warm and sunny.
santo : was the beach clean?
susan : yes, and so was the water that we could see roght down to the bottom. it was so warm that we swam for hours.
santo : how did you find the food?
susan : the food was delicious. we ate fresh fish and vegetables. it was not difficult to find a good restaurant there.
santo : i am glad to hear that you had such a nice holiday. maybe i'll spend my next holiday there.
susan : you have to.

tolong ubahin dong percakapan ini ke monolog dalam bahasa inggris minimal 150 kata..

di bikin cerita?
iya dijadiin monolog
aku ga tau molog itu apa...
iya maksudnya dijadiin cerita..


Ituh kan udah b.ingggris
hehe iya diubah ke monolog ..
Jawaban paling cerdas!
One day, Susan arrived at Jakarta International Airport from Lombok. Lombok is one of the susan's holiday destination. When she tried to find her luggage, she got a call from his friend, Santo. Santo greet "Hey Susan! long time no see since school holiday." Susan replied "Oh yeah! I miss you so much." Santo said "How was your holiday?" Susan smiled and said "It was awesome! i felt so happy during the holiday." "By the way, where did you go?" " I went to lombok." Santo said excitingly "Wow it was a great place to spend holiday." Susan smiled and said excitingly " Absolutely! we enjoy ourselves so much that we felt it too short, the beaches so lovely, the people are friendly and helpful." " How about the weather?" "It was lovely, it was warm and sunny." He said " I'm glas to hear that you had such a nice holiday, maybe I'll spend my next holiday there." She answered "You have to! in your next holiday, tell me yours!" He answered "I will." After that long conversation, eventually she hang up the phone and rode back home safely.

semoga membantu :)
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