A : what are you doing
b: i clean my room because very dirty
a : may i help you?
b : sure :)
a : what i am doing now?
b : mmhh ,take me a broom please
a : certainly, here you are
b : can you throw this rubbish ?
a : sure
A:Hey A,What are u doing now?
B:Hey,i just clean my room.Its too dirty.Can u help me? A:Yes sure.Umm why ur room its too dirty like this? B:Idk,but i think its because i never clean for more than 2months A:Wow!Okay,let me see...I think u must give me ur kanebo here.This kanebo is for ur dirty windows. B:Huh?Kanebo?But i always clean with tissue! A:No!You can't!It will be dirtier!And u must clean ur floor with ur brom after that,clean with moop with water.And ur room will clean.Huhh,finish! B:Tx alot A,i will try...