Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Designation. Homeroom mother
And all friends who I love
Let us together praise and our gratitude to Allah SWT for the blessings and gifts we can all come together in good health on this fine day
My friends are proud of,
First of all we need to realize that the environment is a place of livelihood for all of us, mankind. So we should keep our environment well in order to generate profits for our earth, not even a catastrophic loss for us. One way that the environment does not provide disaster for us is to keep the environment clean
In keeping the environment clean then we should know in advance what the environment clean. The real meaning of environmental cleanliness is a state where the environment is the human liveable, where the physical state of human health can be maintained .. So we must keep the environment clean in order to create a decent and prosperous life.
Sekalian friends,
In closing I quote a saying that cleanliness is part of faith, if someone does not care about cleanliness then it really is not a full believer. Kedepanya I also hope that we as human beings can be more active in keeping the environment clean.
A few of my speech, more or less I apologize
Wassalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb..