Rudi : Hello Faisal, how are you?
Faisal : Hello Rud, I am fine thanks and you?
Rudi : Me too. By the way, yesterday I saw you at great fest techno at JEC. What are you doing in there?
Faisal : oh i was follow my father.
Rudi : oh i see, I must go now . I will late if I not go now. See you
Faisal : See you too.

kalau untuk dialog 6 orang bisa dibantu ? :)
*at book store*
A,C : hai B
B : hai A, C. how are you?
A : i'm fine thank you. by the way what are you doing here?
B : i'm searching for a new comic
C : what? but next week we have a final exam
B : yea, i know. but this comic is limited edition. so i think i must buy it
A : B, our exam is more important than those comic
C : right! we better buy a education book
B : hmm you guys are right. i'll buy education book not this comic:)
C : than, lets search education book:)