Buatkan saya teks recount (pke simple past tense) 4 paragraf,,kalimatnya yg mudah aja 1 paragraf 4 kalimat aja,,tentang pengalaman pergi ke pantai,,thanks

Holiday in Kupang ini jdulny
Last month i went to Kupang with my brother to visit our aunt.On the first day,our cousin took us to Rote.From Kupang,we took 1 1/2 hours on the fast ferry.We visited a fishing village there.After that,we went on a small boat to see a seaweed farming project.That was one of our great days in Kupang and we were so happy.


  Pangandaran Beach

     The tour to Pangandaran Beach started on holiday last semester. We decided to go to Pangandaran Beach by our motorbike. That was very interesting tour. Riding a motorbike from my hometown, Cirebon, to Pangandaran Beach with my best friends made me feel exited. The tour to Pangandaran Beach began at 09.00 a.m.

     in the morning and it took 5 hours riding to Pangandaran Beach. There were so many story that my friends and I got when we were in the tour such as there was my friend who got lost, ran out of fuel in the middle of jungle, and so forth. But it was interesting, because it was the first moment that I ever had in touring. We arrived at Pangandaran Beach at 02.00 p.m. and we stright to move to the beach.

     At beach we just lied down there to stretch our muscle because of 5 hours riding. We also had a lunch there by eating some foods that we brought from Cirebon. That was very nice moment when we shared our own food to others. After we had enough rest, we began to explore Pangandaran Beach. Started by exploring the beach, and the sea using rented boat.

     Then we went to dive by renting some diving equipment. We could see many coral there. We just had 2 hours to enjoy Pangandaran Beach because we had to come back to Cirebon. We came back to Cirebon at 04.00 p.m. It was imposible to ride in the night, so we just decided to stay over in our friend house in Ciamis and we started to come back in the morning. That was very nice experience that I and my friends ever had. We would never forget that moment"

Last week, iand my family went to Parang Tritis beach. i was vey happy. i and my family enjoyed, because i can draw on the sand about my feelings. there was very crowded. so many people went there, because that beach in their opinion is very beautifully beach