Deskripsikan tentang tempat umun dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris???
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I choose School because in the school we are to share together , study together , laugh , sad with my friends , we also add skill in the school . Our school is SMP N 1 Cluring….. It is located in Cluring , Banyuwangi , Jawa Timur.. Our school has 27 classrooms, and has many sections. Such as : Headmaster Section, Teachers Room, OSIS Section, Cooperation Section, Laboratory Section, Library Room , UKS Section, BK’s room , Toilets Section for students and teachers, Showroom Section and etc .In our
school there are many subject, such as : Mathematic, English, Science, Arts, Sport, Religion, Indonesia Language and many others subject. and is school lesson starts at 06.30 a.m. and over 13.00 p.m. The reasons why I choose SMP N 1 luring, because : 1. I think in our school is good school in the district of Cluring , Banyuwangi. So I like that. One of subject that I like best is English,, because I think English is difficult but very interesting, challenging and very important for my language
and that’s languages of the world


Publik place is a place for imagine 
a lot of people, namely those that are open, there is a board identifier, crowded.
contohnya rumah sakit,bank itu yang dii deskripsikan
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bank is a useful place. the function of bank is not only to save our money. but also to do other transactions, such as to pay the payment for the employee, to do trensfering money or to take money that we save at the bank. bank has many employee, because bank is a very busy place and everyone must come to the bank every hour to do those transaction. bank makes the transaction easier than other ways, without bank, we must be very confused when we do those transactions. semoga membantu :)
Wah.... ini lengkap, tapi bersifat khusus pada bank... sempat itu yang dibutuhkan
bener gak itu teks deskripsi??