In digunakan untuk menunjukkan nama tempat yang sudah umum.
On digunakan untuk menulis nama hari, dan alamat tempat.
At digunakan untuk menulis alamat secara lengkap, dan waktu (jam).
Semoga membantu.
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Preposition of time
on (with time and date)
ex : she was born on 8 of september 1990
       the appointment is on monday
at (with noon, night, midninght; with the time of day)
ex : we can see the moon at night
       the lesson will start at 11.30
in ( with other part of the day, with months, years, with season, time of day preceded)
ex : the second world war was ended in 1945

preposition of place
on ( diatas sesuatu hal, yang permukaannya bersentuhan)
ex : the book is on the table
in (didalam sesuatu hal)
ex :the bag is in the shelf
at (dalam skala besar)
ex : he is at the mall

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