Make dialogues based on the following situations:
you and your friend talking abot school subject. you like english but your friend prefers math. and you think that math is more difficult than english but your friend doesn't agree



Me : hey Dinda, what subject do you like ?
Dinda : I like Math, you?
Me : I like English. I don't like Math, it's very difficult. It's more difficult than English.
Dinda : I don't think so. Math is not difficult at all.
Me : Still, I don't like Math.

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A: hi brian, have you finished your math test? B: not yet! what obout you? A: absolutely i have, what do you do your home so you have not finished it? B: yeah. you know, math is very difficult.. I'm really hate the math....and you must know english is better than math... so far of different. . A: ah... it's you... may be i am not like you.. math is not hard.. just you never want to learn the math and math is better than english B: wait... don't talk it.... many people out side it said that math is really hard... A: ok. I got it...
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