last holiday, i and my family went to kuta beach. i and my family had a wonderful time there. lots of activities that we did while we were having holiday there. at the beach, i and my family had sunburn and we built sand castle too.
     at the beach, we didn't just do those activities, we also had snorkeling and diving. the amazing experience we had there. at the first, we weren't brave to try the snorkeling and the diving, but because of the curious feeling, we tried it happily and we really enjoyed it
     after had snorkeling and diving, we had lunch there. the main dish is grilled fish. hm, nyam..nyam. all the food that the restaurant served were almost fish. but, with different taste and different way to cook.
     i and my family would go home today, but, before went home, we didn't forget to buy some souvenirs for family's members and my parents' friends. had a holiday at kuta beach is the best... someday, i'll go back again to kuta beach...

semoga membantu :)

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