Close the door!,  Stand up! ,  Sit down! , Open your books! , Let’s go home, let's watch a movie, don't ask her! , open the door! , close your books!, let's go!, open the window!, close the window!,  don't touch me!, come in!, Do not talk to the driver!, Don't speak English!, Don't go to Jakarta!, Speak English fluently!, Go to Jakarta tomorrow!, Be careful!
Close the door please!
come on timetomorrow on the test!
Wash your clothes now!
Read your composition now!
please bring your dictionary tomorrow!
turn off the lamp!
turn on the tv now!
look around that building now!
eat the food which has been prepared by your mother!
do your task by yourselves without cheating!
open your science book age 205 now!
do the exam without cheating!
collect your homeworks now!
send your task to my email omorrow!
clean your bedroom now!
submit your examination paper now!
lock the door now!
shut down your handphone during the test!
close your mouth while the teacher is explaining!
concentrate on your lesson now!