Jawaban paling cerdas!
I have a bad experience. my experience happened last month. that was a sunny day, i was at school. on that day, i forgot to make my own composition about my favorite pet. without fear, i acted like usual and not try to make the composition, because my friend said that the teacher would not come to the class because of having other business. while i was playing with my friends, other students were busy about their composition. after playing with my friends, i went to the door to take breath, but, when i saw to the outside, i saw the english teacher was walking to my class. my face became pale, i was very...very afraid. quickly, i ran to my chair and sat down. while i have sat down on my chair, the teacher came and greeted
us. after greeted us, she put down her bag on the teacher's table and call our names one by one to check who were absent and who were present. after did it, she call our name one by one to read our own composition. and finally, she called my name. i stood up and walked to  in front of class. everyone looked at me. at last, i said to my teacher that i haven't done her task. she was very angry at me and gave me some punishments. i was really sorry and since that day, i promised if i would not forget to do my task anymore...

semoga membantu :)