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Robin Hood was a simply man working his way through life until the king became corrupted and began to tax everyone about every little thing. Robin Hood became so poor to the point where he wasn’t able to pay the kings taxes so he decided to move to the forest and fight the king from the outside because he knew the king wouldn’t look for him there. After time and time again fighting the kings forces, stealing their gold and giving it to the people of the kingdom, the towns people recognized his talent for rebelling against the king and wanted to join him. Robin Hood didn’t want them to join at first, but after sometime of thinking about it he thought there are more odds in numbers so he talked to the towns people and told them he will only recruit people with useful skills such as knowing how to use a sword, a bow, or even sing to brighten up the spirits of his men, “but only one singer,” he repeated firmly. Within a matter of weeks he had a good-sized “army” to fight the king and his men so they may spread the wealth throughout the entire kingdom. Robin Hood trained his men to be more stealthy and also trained them to be more efficient in hand to hand, sword, and bow combat to increase his hope in his new band of merry men. After a number of guards and gold went missing, the king finally caught on to what was going on. The king then posted up wanted posters for Robin Hood offering a reward, but thankfully for Robin and his band of merry men they earned the trust of the towns people and never told a soul. As they continued to steal gold out from under the kings nose Robin came across a beautiful mistress and flirted with her of course. Later he found out it was the king’s daughter that he had been flirting with and was surprised. Later on that evening he went to her window to speak with her, but little did he know the king found out about him and his daughter and was sitting there waiting for the legendary Robin Hood in his daughter’s room. As Robin climbed to the top of his mistresses balcony, there was the king with 2 guards holding his daughter by her shoulders with her mouth closed shut. The king said out of anger “So you’re the famous Robin Hood that’s been messing with my affairs,” and then dicussed with him what his business was with his daughter, and out of fear Robin quickly pulled out his bow and readied his arrow right at the king. Suddenly out of no where one of the kings’ magicians zapped Robin Hood. There was an enormous flash of light almost blinding everyone in the room. The light fades to darkness as everyone looks back at what was known as the Robin Hood. There he was standing in a statue prison for all eternity never to be heard from again. The next day the king had some guards cut the floor around the imprisoned hero and place him in his garden to remind the towns people that he will stop at nothing to get his way. The name of Robin Hood fades into legend and legend into myth as centuries pass. The statued hero still awaits in the garden till this very day.